Implementation process of aTurnos


The aTurnos implementation process is very fast as all the agents involved will win: the company, the supervisors and the employees. This process can be made directly by the company We recommend you contact with our consultancy department to keep a controlled process validated by aTurnos

The implementation is completed in 6 weeks

Kick-off meeting

Introduction meeting with aTurnos’ product demo and some questions for the user’s requirements validation. The project’s responsible are set by the client and by aTurnos.

Milestone 1

The client selects a pair of the most representative teams for the company to make some concepts/validation tests. This process can be integrated in the kick-off, but this requires the analysis on the part of the client. Each team has a responsible that will have direct contact with the aTurnos consultant or through the set responsible.

Milestone 2

Meeting with the responsibles of the concepts test for a detailed analysis of the requirements and necessities. This process allows aTurnos to understand specific necessities and configure the system. In case of needing consultancy about planning and demands it will be defined in this milestone.

Milestone 3

aTurnos allows the access to users of the concept test with the most adapted configuration to the analyzed necessities, which can include any tailored development. In this process aTurnos makes a short training about the system to the responsibles. The client can define if the training will be required to all the users or only to the responsibles. aTurnos has documentation available to that.

Milestone 4

The teams that represent the concept test start working on the system communicating the doubts to aTurnos through the supervisors or the responsible. In case of making integrations of systems such as payrolls or ERPs it is the moment to start testing the Web Services and the integration tools.

Milestone 5

The concept tests have been validated and it exists a meeting with the responsibles to design the adoption phase on the part of the rest of the teams of the client.

Milestone 6

Teams are added according to the expected schedule with the defined periods. It can be a team or similar teams per week. This process may require a training on the part of aTurnos if it is not performed by the responsible or the project supervisor.

End of the implementation phase

When all the teams work in aTurnos, the implementation is closed and the support is maintained through the aTurnos standard channels.