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Make your payroll calculations easier in aTurnos

One of the most tedious processes when doing payrolls, and its subsequent payment is all variables’ calculation. It is a waste of time calculating night shifts, bank holidays, shift switches, on call shifts, etc. These procedures are regularly managed from Excel or a file previously filled by managers, and this involves many time and failures. Afterwards, it is sent by email to human resources for its processing, which usually needs another validation.

In aTurnos we are able to extract automatically all those concepts from the schedule without any user’s interaction and generate a file or implement it with our payroll tool. We have implemented SAP,A3, Meta4, A3, etc.

The quantity of concepts we have developed still growing, we have more than 100 and we are still adding more. The complexity can be infinite but from aTurnos we can automate it. An example, is when the night shift will be more than 3 hours in weekends, it is paid in a concept, and when it is exceeded it is paid in another concept.

The process will be audited and validated in different clients, an initial approach can be:

  1. Create the concepts which will recover and calculate payroll variables, in aTurnos terminology, we have to define calculation concepts such as night shifts, bank holidays hours, operations between concepts,etc.
  2. Create a payroll template according to your payroll software specifications for the variables import. In the template you can also define fixed values for the calculation (we will see an example soon). You should indicate dates, employee ID, the date of the download,etc.
  3. Define the variables that will be exported, in a nutshell, not all the defined calculation concepts have to be imported, as some of them are only used as operators or for reports, we can choose going to payroll software.
  4. Once the schedule and the operation adjustment is done, it is time for the automatic download of the variables. That variables are downloaded on a file prepared for the download or through the API with our Payroll system. This process can be performed by supervisors, human resources or managers according to the defined process.

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