Fleet management

The keys for the client.

Analyze available vehicles, their status in real time and have access from any terminal to the information.

Plan the vehicles according to the needs of the customers and the availability / location of drivers / vehicles.

Generate reports on statistics of services, work hours, clients, time slots or work zones.

At the end of 2016, Telechofer contacted aTurnos to improve its fleet management processes and have its own APP that will be integrated with aTurnos to provide private driver services to its customers.

The first step is to plan the available resources and understand the operation of Telechofer, the fleet planning is formed by three vertices that are: vehicles, drivers and customers.

The vehicles have a category, a maintenance, the drivers have an availability and schedule, and customers have demand peaks and lows during the workday.

Once the initial planning has been carried out, all the data must be integrated in real time with the APP or the client's Web, so that any client can request the services from his terminal.

For this, we use the aTurnos API to access that information. When the client selects the service and the schedule, the API of aTurnos answers the best available driver according to the criteria defined by Telechofer.

All customer data and each of the services performed are stored in aTurns for vehicle and driver history. In addition, we add personalized data such as valuations, time slots, tariffs, etc.

Afterwards, analyzing the information is very valuable for Telechofer, where data such as kilometers traveled, percentage of time with customer, waiting times, average amount of career or additional costs helps them to make better decisions both to the company and to the drivers themselves.