Gartner Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications

Sam Grinter, Ron Hanscome, Kelsie Marian, Ranadip Chandra, 28 de julio de 2021

aTurnos is thrilled to have been listed as representative vendor headquartered in Europe in the latest Gartner Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications.

In this guide, Gartner explains how the application of AI to WFM for employees and managers adds significant value to WFM as an investment. WFM would be no longer simply a system of record and operation, but a system of differentiation and transformation.

Gartner has also observed the WFM market trends and reported a continuous shift from on-premises WFM applications to cloud-hosted WFM applications.

According to Gartner, application leaders supporting HCM technology transformation as part of a WFM initiative will face a number of decisions when considering which solution type and, ultimately, which vendor is best suited for their respective organizations. In this guide Gartner suggests some of the questions they should ask themselves and recognizes aTurnos between those that can offer concrete solutions to those questions and needs.

Part of Gartner analysis is about a key question for buyers of WFM: “Does WFM belong in the HCM suite, or is it better delivered by a point solution?”

This depends on the complexity of the WFM requirements and the desired level of integration of time, attendance and scheduling with wider HCM functions (such as payroll). WFM can form part of the HCM suite, be provided as a separate solution or, in some cases, can be a mixture of the two, however, broadly speaking, the WFM functionality offered by HCM suites is not as robust as that provided by WFM vendors”.

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