Client’s objective

· Select the best employee for each task inside the factory.

· Improve your products quality but maintaining costs.

The objective of Gullón cookies is to select the best employee for each task inside the factory, this has a impact in an improvement of the products quality but maintaining costs.

Gullón counted with a BBDD with the knowledge of all their employees, but that was costly to maintain, and above all, factories’ bosses were wasting a lot of time allocating the tasks that generate orders manually to employees who had the required experience or specialty.

Now, this process is substituted by an aTurnos algorithm that makes the initial allocation to the production’s tasks taking into account these abilities and the task types that generate each order. This initial allocation is validated and adjusted by the authorities in a controlled way according to their criteria. Moreover, the system is intelligent because it increments the employee’s rating about these activities and they will be more susceptible to be allocated in the future, when the assigned position has been performed in the factory.

The algorithm allocates factory’s tasks generated by the production orders. Selects the scheduled employees that adjusts the best to the necessary abilities. Shift planning has been performed previously according to labour convention. In the case of not finding enough employees, some other employees with experience in these positions can be searched to start the communication with the ETT.

Now, process is transparent and democratic allocation made by the algorithms improves management. The aim of processes’ automation is a reality and the time saved by factories’ bosses has been achieved. The faults have been reduced and the 15 days planning allows you to have a better vision of the coverage level from the staff’s production.