How are holidays managed in aTurnos?



In aTurnos we offer a complete holidays management service, integrated automatically with planning and time control. Employees can request holidays in the periods they wish, and supervisors will manage those requests.

Learn more about the Holidays management and planning

  1. Define variables
    • Corresponding number of holiday days by convention.
    • Limit date to request holidays of finished periods.
    • Holidays choice: Labor or Natural days.
  2. Limit the supervisor flow
    • You can determine what type of profiles can manage employees’ holidays requests or if they are accepted automatically.
    • Notifications will be sent to the corresponding supervisors.
  3. Request assistant
    • When managing requests, the system automatically searchs for a substitute for the employee that requested holidays.
    • Time restrictions are taken into account (such as labor concretion) breaks, abilities,etc., to reallocate shifts.