File from fingerprint or card readers


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If what you need is that the transfer is made from a device using fingerprint or card, aTurnos can also help you.

Registration by fingerprint

Installation is simple and you only have to register the footprints of the people who are going to sign in on these devices, these footprints remain in the work center database.

Registration by card

icono-aturnosIf what you need is a device that also reads a card, we have this technology, being able to associate a card to each worker to carry out the signing.

icono-aturnosContact card.

  • It makes it easier for employees to clock in by reading contact cards. Each card is associated to a worker which must be read in a device that we provide you from aTurnos, in this way the employees will register their entries and exits by passing their card through the device.

  • Card numbers that already exist in the company can be loaded because they are reused for the time recording process if they already exist. The devices are compatible with standards such as Mifare, 125khz, 13,56Mhz, NFC. HID, etc.

icono-aturnosDirect integration with aTurnos.

  • The markings that are made by workers through their fingerprint or by a contact card are automatically dumped directly to aTurnos. With them you can know the excess/defect of the hours worked with respect to the planned ones and control the situation of your staff in real time.

  • Plan the hours and shifts of your team in aTurns and define the tolerances with which the time margin for absences, complementary/extra hours, etc. is established.

  • Complete the clockings in case you have forgotten to clock in any worker and analyze the deviations produced with respect to the planning.

  • From aTurnos you can generate reports to keep better control of your team and comply with the Daily Workday Record of article 1.h) of the R.D. Law 16/2013 requested by the Labor Inspectorate.

  • Export the time and attendance data easily to your payroll tool in CSV file or through our API once the time management has been adjusted and the payroll concepts have been generated automatically in aTurnos.

icono-aturnosLearn how to configure these technologies and how they work.