Queue/Task Management


The most versatile module for shifts given its many uses: defining and automating manufacturing processes, appointment tool, queue management (together with Digital Signage), etc.

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Create specialties and assign them to workers. To know what services or tasks each worker can do, first you have to create these specialties and score the workers from 0 to 5 the level they they have in each of the specialties.

Create task templates. Task templates will allow you to establish an order in which tasks are performed, that is, for example, for a hotel, a template of (simple) tasks for each time a room becomes free can be:

  1. Pick up clean bedding.
  2. Clean the room and put clean bedding.
  3. Pick up dirty bedding.
  4. Notify Reception that the room is ready.

Schedule automatically based on the number of tasks. Tasks can be defined with a specified duration, and the task assignment process can be done post-planning (i.e. , in this case tasks will only be assigned to planned workers), or planning can be carried out automatically based on the number and duration of the tasks.

Transform tasks on demand. The workload generated by the need to perform several tasks from different templates, can be transformed into a demand with which it will be easily visualized in the coverage table where there is a shortage of staff and where there is a planned excess of staff.